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  Liquid Extreme Shine - SUPER WET/NO MESS Oil Based Dressing
Auto Detail Supplies Extreme Tire And Bumper Shine Oil Based Dressing Water Resistant Formula
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Our Price: $29.95

Product Code: TVD_105



 Quick Info:

So you need a dressing with a very wet shine for your tires and you also want it to restore the trim making it beautiful and dark again......while lasting through the rain and maybe....a lot of sprinklers, but you want it to be non-greasy and and you would like all that to be done by one product?

Ok, Done. 

  • our Brightest, Wettest Looking Shiniest Dressing
  • perfect for rejuvenating and restoring trim, rubber moldings, plastic moldings and parts.
  • protects and beautifies putting a virtual barrier from the sun and water
  • can be sprayed on or sponged on and penetrates fast delivering unmatched shine that is dry to the touch.
  • excellent for maintaining that showroom luster
  • non-Greasy, Will not attract dust extreme shine formula
  • one application last weeks not days
  • multi-purpose, solvent base dressing
  • high viscosity silicones produce a rich, long lasting, high gloss shine on rubber, plastic and vinyl surfaces.
  • clear color
  • VOC Compliant

Cleaning:       Low 1 2 3  4 5 6 7 8 9 10  High

Shine:              Low  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8  9 10  High

Dry to Touch:   Oily 1 2 3 4 5 6 7  8 9  10  Dry           Scent: Cotton Candy


 exterior & interior
 plastic bumpers
 rubber bumpers
 vinyl seats
oor panels
 rubber moldings
 plastic moldings
 engine hoses
 under hood-
 plastics & hoses
 new trim
 restore old trim
 vinyl seats

Full Description:

Our multi-purpose, solvent base dressing utilizes high viscosity silicones to produce a rich, long lasting, high gloss shine on rubber, plastic and vinyl surfaces. Works great on interiors and exteriors. Extreme shine, super glossy premium solvent based dressing and not water-soluble. The wettest looking shine available for tires, moldings, bumpers etc. Excellent interior and exterior dressing. Will give high gloss to tires. Protects & beautifies vinyl and other parts of the car.

    • can be directly sprayed on
    • protects & shines dashboards, interior vinyl rubber and tires
    • brings back darkness and fullness to door moldings and tires
    • also for all exterior rubber, and door seals
    • protects against discoloration and cracking
    • keeps your car looking shining and smelling like new

Fast Notes:

Adding the finishing touches on any detail is a matter of small differences that make a large difference to your customers.  A premium dressing can be used on all interior and exterior rubber, tires, and vinyl but will allow you restore and re-shine new and old surfaces. To make dull exterior and interior plastics stand out like new when the product is used as a trim, rubber, and black plastics restorer.
Restoring interior and exterior trim is also made easy with Chemical Guys superiorly effective Dressing. Like all Chemical Guys dressings , Clear Liquid Extreme Shine is 100% non greasy once applied and leaves the surface shining better then new. It will not attract dust or dirt and is not tacky or greasy. 


Directions for Use:

  1. Can be sprayed or sponged on.
  2. Pour a small amount onto clean damp towel, sponge or applicator
  3. Work into surface evenly
  4. Simply allow to dry, wipe of any excess product with towel.



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