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Auto Detail Supplies Trim And Bumper Restorer Gel
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Our Price: $17.95

Product Code: TVD_108_16

Tire Shine TRIM GEL


wet shine extended life gel-protects for months  (16oz)



Keep tires and trip looking like new forever with gel! An ultra wet shine extended gel- tire, trim  & Bumper gel is a premium gel dressing that does shines up like no other yet is non greasy and lasts months not days.  gel tire shine

This unique formula quickly penetrates rubber trim and tires to hydrate and provide lasting protection. So many products promise to renew the look of your tires with minimal effort and I m glad to say that wet shine extended life gel delivers that promise. Simply wipe on using a pad and you ll restore the look of faded tires, trim, bumpers, seals and stripping, what s more it lasts for many months not days. This is a no streak, no run and non drip formula that works to repel water and detergents and helps keep tire walls hydrated and supple as well as looking spanking new.trim gel

Prepare your trim for a product unlike any other. a true premium trim restorer and protectant, that will no drip, dry or destroy surfaces. Finally a gel that delivers unmatched durability easy of application and a superior new look shine that lasts weeks even through numerous washes, gel is non greasy non tacky and simply amazing.

Thankfully the gel contains no alcohol or petroleum distillates but does contain UV light blocking agents which helps prolong the life of the trim or tire and prevent fading.

This is a non greasy formula that helps form a barrier against the elements and will not attract dust.

Cleaning:       Low 1 2 3  4 5 6 7 8 9 10  High

Shine:              Low  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8  9 10  11  High

Dry to Touch:   Oily 1 2 3 4 5 6 7  8 9  10  Dry    Scent: No Smell

gel is simply amazing.

  • one application will suffice but for more eye-popping luster apply further coats.
  • non-greasy, non-tacky and doesn t attract dust.
  • quickly renews faded tires, trim, bumpers, rubber seals and weather-stripping.
  • super premium concentrated gel applies evenly leaving behind a even extreme shine gloss
  • no streak, no run, no drip......extreme time saver
  • weather resistant, high gloss coating restores color and shine that lasts for weeks.
  • repels water, rain, and detergents
  • gel is highly efficient a little goes a long way, meaning a single 16oz bottle is equivalent to three or four 16 ounce bottles of spray-on tire dressing.
  • formulated with UV light blocking agents to prevent premature aging and fading of trim.
  • amazing durability even after numerous washes.
  • never slings or drips off.
  • engineered with Copolymers to restore faded body side moldings, vinyl trim and hard plastic and rubber bumpers to like new appearance.
  • VOC Compliant

Full Description:wet shine dressing

When engineering gel certain issues needed to be addressed: sling-off, hazardous chemical make-up, short life span, and an unnatural, greasy blotchy look and feel. We wanted gel to last though the rain, the snow and even the storms, a unique product that would simply amaze its users by delivering unparallel new shine coupled with durability. gel produces the deepest truest black finish that lasts three to  four times longer then any conventional dressing. gel will not sling-off, look blotchy or wash off. gel is not tacky like inferior products.

    • amazing wetter then new look for all trim
    • protects & shines all trip, window moldings , hard plastic bumpers, dashboards, interior vinyl rubber and tires
    • brings back darkness and fullness
    • also for all exterior rubber, and door seals
    • protects against discoloration and cracking
    • keeps your car looking shining and smelling like new

Tech notes: Proper application of gel is important to maximize the effectiveness of this product. The viscosity of gel allows it to be applied neatly and evenly, it is uniquely formulated to penetrate trim and tire walls, and prevents messy sling-off.

For best results: Always start by  applying  one thin, even layer, remember with gel less is more so use it sparingly. swiped over the surface. A single wipe will deliver a like new premium shine . If a eye popping heavier, shine is what you are looking for,  wait ten minutes and reapply.

Adding the finishing touches: Adding the finishing touches on any detail is a matter of small differences that make a large difference to your customers.  A premium dressing can be used on all interior and exterior rubber, tires, and vinyl but will allow you restore and re-shine new and old surfaces. To make dull exterior and interior plastics stand out like new when the product is used as a trim, rubber, and black plastics restorer.
Directions for Use:


  1. Apply a small amount of gel onto a foam or microfiber applicator  or tire swipe.
  2. Always keep in mind that all Chemical Guys products are Professional grade so Less is more, use them sparingly.
  3. Apply a thin coat across the trim surface or  tires, just enough to moisten the surface is all you need.
  4. Gel absorbs fast so no sling-off will occur.
  5. In order to achieve a deeper level of shine, you can control the level of shine according to your preference.
  6. One light application of gel delivers  the optimal amount of shine for a well-dressed new  look that suits most cars.
  7. For less gloss, follow application of gel by wiping down with a clean dry towel.
  8. For a higher level of shine & sheen, wait ten minutes then apply another coat. Repeat until satisfactory results are achieved. 
  9. It is recommended you  allow an hour for the gel to cure. You will enjoy a beautiful finish on your tires, that lasts for weeks.


Works great on rubber and trim. It quickly renews faded tires, trim, bumpers, rubber seals and weather-stripping. This weather resistant, high gloss coating restores color and shine that lasts for weeks. There is no wiping or messy foam to contend with.  It won t run or drip. Protects against UV rays that are harmful and cause aging, fading and discoloration. Can also be used on vinyl and plastic surfaces including side view mirror housings, black grilles, hood/ windshield cowlings, engine compartment hoses, molding, trim, splash guards, door panels, dashboards and hard to reach areas like the a/c vents. Time saving plus convenience makes this product a very good tool to have when time is very important.

Recommended For

Areas in and around the vehicle that require a dressing treatment. Tires are the primary target for this product but it is so versatile that there are dozens of uses for an aerosol dressing. Speed is the essential quality along with a very fine formula that combines this product into a very handy work saver.




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