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Our Price: $68.54

Product Code: GAP_104




wet wet shineThe Perfect Mirror-Wet Finish is easy to realize with the perfect product.

A Gloss magnifier that reflects like a mirror.

An ultra slick non-stick high-shine all-weather gloss magnifier formulated to allow paint to breathe. A one-step surface preparatory product guaranteed to enhance the shine of any surface. Mirror Wet truly

SUPERIOR POLISH delivers a mirror wet finish that not only shines but also protects at a nano-tech scale by bonding molecularly to your paint, delivering a smooth durable  finish that reflects light like a mirror  while offering superior surface protection.

 The unique non-wax formulation reduces static charge on the surface allowing for allowing for maximum repellency of dirt, while the unique lubricity of Mirror Wet reduces friction  during application and removal which in turn completely limits the static charge on the vehicle surface.  

Optimal for hand or machine application. The finest gloss magnifier  for your auto,  car, truck, tractor (lol) , airplane, boat, motorcycle, glass, stainless steel, fiberglass, wheels and chrome available. Formulated with UVA and UVB light absorbers to block the damaging effects of the sun while protecting your paint like a durable glass like shield.

For Years Chemical Guys Has Manufactured the highest grade products from the finest raw materials.  Our research and development team has worked hand in hand with our chemists to constantly innovate and re-invent the industry.   New technology never before used in the Automotive industry utilizes nano-technology combined with the ability to modify raw chemicals enables Chemical Guys Products to work faster, last longer, be applied in the sun and the shade while delivering unmatched results never before achieved with conventional products.

Seeing is Believing !  Here's what our customers had to say.

wet mirror shine


          I promised some pics once I got more familiar with the products. I've really come to enjoy these products (all of them) for their ease of use , effectiveness and finish....the gloss and depth are tremendous. First up : a customers  '99 Porsche Carrera S Vehicle arrived in good condition , just needed some extra pop. Broke out the Wet mirror Shine Topped With 50/50.   Like a Mirror. Thomas. B. Pennsylvania

wet mirror shine

Application: Wet Mirror-Finish Can be hand or machine applied for superior results and because it is not a  wax or glaze base it blends in with the paint working with the actual finish to magnify gloss and protection rather then merely being wiped off with a towel.  Mirror Wet Finish can be worked in and virtually disappears in the process. 



Mirror Wet Finish will not crack, fade, discolor,  or peel and can be used on all  chrome, polished aluminum, Carbon Fiber, Carbon Fiber/Fiberglass Composites, Glass, Fiberglass, Gel Coated Fiberglass and even painted Plastic. 

car polishThese Picture of Robs Supercharge 2008 Exige S at the 2007 Los Angeles DUB Car Show. A picture perfect example of what a show stopping finish should look like.  (the car shine is  also not bad looking). Finished with Wet mirror Finish this award winning car drew quite a lot of attention at the show with mirror wet shine that simply leaked off the car.



We Like Shine:

wet mirror shine

Hi Guys,

Shop Talk here's a '03 Honda S2000: When I started it was In decent shape with minor swirling. Cleaned it up with 7000 & a Blue Edge pad via DA....(a combination that's working very well for me on soft and single stage paints with minimal damage). Finished up with Chemical Guys CUT 7.0 & a black finishing pad and topped with  Wet Mirror Finish.  Lets Talk Shine My Friends Lets Talk Mirror Perfect Finish Mr. - Burger Monroeville

wet mirror shinewet mirror shine










THE CHEMICAL GUYS 8-PACK MICROFIBER APPLICATOR DEAL. Professionals, enthusiasts and just about everyone likes a deal! Chemical Guys is here to save you money and offer you the best quality.

FOR A LIMITED TIME YOU GET: The softest 100% Micro fiber applicator available.  Guaranteed to retain shape after numerous wastes Chemical Guys Applicators make any product application job EASY. (CLICK HERE OR ON PICTURE FOR MORE INFO)

wet wet shineGuys,

              Finally had a chance to get out and use Wet Mirror Finish on the family's black 99 Accord. Polished it two times,  first using a 6" orange edge pad @ 1500 rpm's, a second time @ 900-1500 rpm's. Then it was time for Wet Mirror and there was no disappointment. Applied at 900-1500 rpm using a white 6" edge pad the finish was remarkable, firstglass like shine impression is that it's carnauba like in appearance. Very wet looking and just a breeze to use, pretty much melted into the paint and came off easily with a micro fiber towel. The durability is being tested right off the bat as we've had winter blow back into town like a cruel April fools joke. I'll keep you Guys posted on how it holds up. I'm including a couple of pics, one before and a couple after shots.


PS. I used what was left over on the pad to do the upper portion of my drivers side door on my silver van as a test and just had to smile! It really looks super on silver!  Very glass like. Great Product, Great Results! 

Greg B. Ohio     high shine


Dear Mark...Thanks for the advice on the Pro-Polish...Did a Chevy HHR today and worked the polish till it

polish"oiled"... came off like butter...Pete's 53' wax is definitely turning into a favorite......attached a pic of the hood that got pro polish and Pete's 53' on it...........Wow.  J. Park. Los Angeles





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Wet Mirror August 15, 2008
Reviewer: Andrew Hasman from East Rochester, NY United States  
I just polished my black 02 GTP w/ the Pro Polish and then put a coat of the WET MIRROR on it  and I was simply blown away. the car never looked so good, it looks like somebody dumped a bucket of water on the car and it just never came off. the reflections are astonishing i just cannot get over how great this combo is i just cannot say enough, have no doubts w/  CHEMICAL GUYS I have used a lot of others stuff for over twenty years. Nothing even comes close to the CHEMICAL GUYS    Thank You

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